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North Carolina Democratic representative Tricia Cotham switches parties in an act of betrayal

Add your name to call on Representative Tricia Cotham (Mecklenburg County) to resign for betraying her constituents and the party that helped her get elected. Her treachery gives Republicans a veto-proof supermajority in both chambers of the North Carolina legislature for the first time since 2017.

Read statements from the White House and from our NC Democratic Party Chair, Anderson Clayton, via the Charlotte Observer:

“Reproductive freedoms are on the line. Our public schools are on the line. LGBTQ rights are on the line. Voting rights are on the line,” Clayton said. “Our future as a state is on the line....This is about the constituents that trusted Rep. Cotham to champion their values, who are now left with little reassurance that she will do that."


The national grassroots women's group, Red Wine and Blue, has also started a recall petition

Last week, NC Republicans gained a veto-proof supermajority in the state legislature. And that’s not even the worst part of it… It was a Democrat who handed it to them.

Representative Tricia Cotham, from the Charlotte area, announced last week that she has switched her party and is now a Republican, betraying her constituents – and the people of NC. It’s time for us to make our voices heard. Sign the People's Recall:


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