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Voter Intimidation Arrives in Brunswick County

It has come to our attention that Allison Dunlap, President of the North Brunswick Republican Club, is fielding teams of so-called canvassers throughout our state to harass voters. Her efforts are part of Mike Lindell’s (yes, the MyPillow lunatic) “America’s Audit Force." These voter vigilantes are still trying to find evidence of 2020 election fraud, but more importantly, they are engaging in underhanded voter intimidation tactics.

As you will see in the video below from WECT News, filmed in Brunswick County, it seems likely that the two women “voter volunteers” are members of Dunlap’s group or a similar organization. The Brunswick County Board of Elections confirmed that the women are not affiliated with any official voter audit.* These voter vigilantes targeted a 100-year-old African-American World War II Veteran and his wife.

Please alert your family and friends, and have them call WECT, NAACP, and/or BCDP, if they experience any similar incidents. As Democrats, we stand united and will not yield in the face of these thinly veiled efforts to harass us and suppress our votes!


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