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Mein Drumpf, Brunswick Beacon

America is a nation of immigrants, like the Drumpfs. Friederich Drumpf emigrated from Germany to dodge the draft, ran a brothel for gold miners, Americanized his name to “Frederick Trump,” and became a citizen after lying about his age.

His son, Fred, was born here but raised speaking German. He was arrested in 1927 for brawling at a parade of Ku Klux Klan supporters protesting that "Native-born Protestant Americans," (like him), were being "assaulted by [Irish] Roman Catholic police of New York City." Fred became a real estate developer and was arrested again in 1976 for housing code violations.

Fred’s son, Donald, easily surpassed his father’s arrest record, getting indicted and arrested four times (so far) on 91 felony charges. He was also found liable for defaming E. Jean Carroll by calling her a liar for accurately reporting that he raped her.

Donald inherited his father’s real estate business, and acquired several others, six of which went bankrupt. Trump is currently on trial to determine damages after the court ruled he committed fraud in over-valuing properties.

Donald embraces the dark side of his German roots. He complained to chief-of-staff, Gen. John Kelly, that his generals were “losers” who did not support him totally, unlike Hitler’s. “You do know they tried to kill Hitler three times?” Kelly said. Trump told Kelly, “Well, Hitler did a lot of good things.”

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, said Trump kept a collection of Hitler’s speeches by his bed, including Hitler’s manifesto “Mein Kampf,” which explains some of Trump’s language.

Trump has called for “termination” of the “Constitution.” He accused migrants of "poisoning the blood of our country" and called political opponents “vermin” trying to destroy America, words pulled straight from Mein Kampf. Kelly says Trump has “contempt for the Constitution” and “no idea what America stands for.” It seems he has an excellent idea what fascism stands for, and greatly prefers it.

Arthur Hill



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