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Making the Connection

One of the BCDP’s primary goals during this vitally important election year is to connect with Brunswick County voters to let them know Democrats are proposing concrete, reasoned solutions to issues facing our community. We have several ways of communicating with the public, and it’s our aim to use them all to the fullest.

Some of our methods you may already have noticed. For example, we’re using our website and social media to spread the word. We’ve also launched a “letters to the editor” campaign, with letters composed by friends of the BCDP appearing in local and regional publications.

Letters to local publications are important. Readers who may sympathize with the writer’s point of view take comfort in the fact they’re not alone. We plan to “reprint” as many of these letters as possible on our website and in our newsletter. We’ve included a recent letter from Mike Rush to the to The Brunswick Beacon in this edition of our newsletter.

Perhaps you would like to write your own letter. Getting past the firewalls imposed by the editorial staffs of local publications isn’t always easy. Get in touch with Jeff Zalles, a seasoned and successful letter writer whose tips on getting your letter published will get you on the road to success. Send an email to BCDP for more information.

Speaking of our newsletter, you may have noticed some recent changes in our layout. We’re working continuously to make the publication as inviting as it is informative. But we’ve only just begun, so look for more improvements in the months ahead.

Among our other communications activities is designing and distributing attractive brochures and pamphlets — handouts intended to inform the voters. Our first handout for 2020 is the six-panel brochure shown below. We’ll soon be distributing this brochure to precincts and, stay-at-home restrictions notwithstanding, at public events featuring Democratic candidates. We hope you’ll pass it along to your friends and neighbors.

Yet another way of getting the word out is through blogs — famously called “bogs” by a college football coach. We have our own “bogs,” we’ve started posting on our website and other platforms. Look for them, and like them on your social media networks. The more people who read them — along with letters to the editor, our handouts and our newsletter — the better chance Democrats have of carrying Brunswick County and the state on Election Day.

--Arthur Hill


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