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MAGA Republicans are Putin's Last Hope, Brunswick Beacon

Democracy-loving Americans support Ukraine. MAGA-Republicans are rooting for Russia. Putin invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. The first city he took was Kherson, the only regional capital Russia captured. Thanks to Ukrainian heroism Putin didn’t win his widely expected early victory.

President Biden united NATO and gave Ukraine massive support, including state-of-the-art HIMARS long-range precision artillery. In July, Ukrainian President Zelensky said: "HIMARS and other precision weapons are turning the course of war in our favor."

On Oct. 4, Biden pledged to support Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression “for as long as it takes.” He announced additional assistance, including more HIMARS launchers. Zelensky replied: “I am grateful to the President of the United States and the entire American people for the continued defense and financial support.”

American aid and Biden’s unwavering support enabled Ukraine to liberate much of the territory illegally seized by Russia. Last week, Ukraine liberated Kherson, dramatically improving its chances of victory. A Russian defeat would humiliate Putin and could topple him.

Russia desperately needs to stop American aid. That’s why Putin waited until the day after the midterm elections to order Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson. Putin is hoping Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker of the House, because McCarthy announced that, if Republicans win, they will not fund Biden’s pledge to support Ukraine. “They just won’t do it,” said McCarthy. Liz Cheney calls McCarthy “leader of the pro-Putin wing” of the GOP.

MAGA Republicans are Putin’s staunchest allies. Trump blamed America for “almost forcing” Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which he called “savvy,” “wonderful” and “genius.” Trump said if Putin uses nukes “it’s because of the United States.” J. D. Vance, who Trump endorsed, said “I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine.” Tucker Carlson said, “Why shouldn't I root for Russia? Which I am.”

A Ukrainian win makes Democracy and America safer. Tell Congress to continue supporting Ukraine. Tell MAGA Republicans: “Stop helping Putin.”

Linda McConnell Baker



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