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Letter to the editor: You can't argue with facts, Brunswick Beacon

Republicans and Democrats disagree on a lot, but fair-minded Americans agree that President Biden’s accomplishments are so good for everyone that they leave no room for argument. 

Under President Biden, more Americans are working than ever before. The last three years are the strongest years of job growth in history. Biden’s policies have created 750,000 new, well-paying manufacturing jobs. When people work, their health, dignity, and family security improve. There is less strain on social assistance programs. And, of course, the economy is boosted when people exercise their purchasing power. You can’t argue with a stronger economy! 

Biden’s CHIPS and Science Act and Inflation Reduction Act mean more products are being made in America. Biden is Making Americans Make it in America Again! That keeps delivery and shipping costs down. Local and national customer service is more efficient. This creates more jobs for Americans and supports our local and national economies. Nothing to argue about here! 

Under Biden, more Americans have health insurance than ever before, lowering the cost of healthcare for everyone. Biden brought us lower costs for high-priced prescription drugs and capped seniors’ out of pocket prescription drug costs at $2,000 a year. Healthier Americans and lower costs! Who could argue with that? 

Biden passed the largest Bipartisan Infrastructure Act in a generation, rebuilding America’s infrastructure by investing in rural communities, providing affordable high-speed internet and electricity, creating well-paying local jobs. You can’t deny that connecting communities while creating jobs that can’t be outsourced helps America! 

President Biden achieved an historic expansion of benefits and services for veterans exposed to toxic waste. He stood up to Putin’s aggression, strengthened our alliances, expanded NATO, and led successful counterterrorism missions against the leaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS. Nobody denies that caring for our veterans while defending America makes all Americans safer. 

President Biden’s accomplishments are helping every American. You can’t argue with the truth. 

Rich Cooper 



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