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Letter to the editor: Trump's mini-me, Brunswick Beacon

Donald Trump endorsed Mark Robinson for NC’s Republican gubernatorial nomination, calling him “Martin Luther King on steroids.” Trump told the Greensboro crowd that when he said that to Robinson, “He looked at me and I wasn’t sure, was he angry, because that’s a terrible thing to say? Or was he complimented? I have never figured it out.” That’s because Robinson called Reverend King an “atheist,” a “communist,” and an “ersatz pastor” and MLK’s civil rights movement “crap.” 

Robinson is Trump’s Mini-Me when it comes to spewing toxic slurs at people MAGA loves to hate. That includes “black people,” who, Trump says, “like me” because “I got indicted” four times: “You know who embraced [my mug shot] more than anyone else? The black population.” 

Robinson is black but describes the black community as a “steaming pile of human waste” and a “people who have achieved so little.” Robinson calls blacks “muddle-headed negroes” and “apes.” His habit of slandering blacks despite being black himself drew this revealing response from “true.patriot.voice.of.reason” in the comment section of one Fox News article: “Robinson may not look like a Patriot, but he is one of us.” 

He’s also a holocaust denier who said, “this foolishness about Hitler disarming MILLIONS of Jews then marching them off to concentration camps is hogwash.”


Robinson called students who survived school shootings, “spoiled little bastards” and “media prosti-tots” because they advocate gun safety measures. The day after 10 people were murdered with an AR-15 in Buffalo, Robinson said he owns AR-15s, “in case the government gets too big for its britches.” 

“I was able to kill Roe v. Wade,” Trump brags. Robinson, Trump’s Mini-Me, told pregnant women, “It’s not your body anymore” and promised to “pass a bill that says you can’t get an abortion in North Carolina for any reason.” 

Robinson calls abortion murder but admits paying for one himself! When it comes to hatefulness and hypocrisy, he truly is Trump’s Mini-Me. 

Larry Widman 



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