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Letter to the editor: The whole world is watching, Brunswick Beacon

No Commander-in-Chief should lead American troops without understanding the consequences of war and the sacrifices made by military families. President Biden understands this. Biden lost his son Beau to cancer, possibly caused by burn pit exposure while serving in Iraq. 

Former President Trump’s lack of respect for soldiers and veterans is well known. He referred to those who serve as “losers” and “suckers.” He called senator and Vietnam prisoner of war John McCain “not a war hero” because he was captured; Trump prefers “people who were not captured.” More recently, Trump has taunted Nikki Haley on her husband’s absence from the campaign trail; Army National Guard Major Haley is currently serving in Africa. Haley has called out Trump for his inability to grasp the honor of military service. 

America’s next Commander-in-Chief will face an increasingly unstable world. If aid to Ukraine is blocked, Putin will prevail and our NATO allies may be next. That could force America to respond militarily. Do we want our next Commander-in-Chief to be someone who does not have a high opinion of our men and women in uniform or do we want a Commander-in-Chief who values military service and who will exhaust every diplomatic option before putting American soldiers in harm’s way? 

Our next Commander-in-Chief needs to uphold America’s role in leading the world by standing up to dictators and fighting for and defending democracies. America is stronger, safer, and more respected this way. The world awaits your vote. 

Janine Sacramone 



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