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Letter to the editor: Social insecurity, Brunswick Beacon

Unable to achieve anything of legislative consequence, radical Republicans are once again proposing cuts to Social Security. America’s senior citizens may face the prospect of reduced benefits and those still in the workforce may face increases to the retirement age.

How any of this makes America “great” remains a mystery, but the MAGA GOP won’t rest until they induce a state of nationwide panic in hardworking Americans and their families. Meanwhile, the wealthiest and our corporations continue to revel in the Trump administration’s massive tax breaks, so we needn’t worry about them. They’ll be fine.

Our Congressman David Rouzer and his fellow MAGA House members on the “Republican Study Committee” recently drafted a plan to raise the retirement age to 69 and drastically cut benefits for those who take Social Security starting at age 62. Again, don’t lose any sleep worrying about these politicians. Their pensions and perks won’t be touched.

MAGA GOP legislators seem to forget that their constituents deserve to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness promised in the Constitution. Could these heartless radicals find other ways to cut government spending besides threatening senior citizens to a future of poverty and dread? They certainly could, but the idea of cutting benefits promised to hardworking Americans who kept up their end of the bargain seems to delight these folks.

The young and healthy might not find this concerning, but consider this. If aging parents are suddenly faced with diminished or deferred Social Security benefits, they may turn to their grown children for help with living expenses. Those young adults will then face the deferment or derailment of their own futures. Our vote is the only thing keeping the radical Republicans from breaking America’s promise to our seniors. Democrats want to fortify Social Security; the MAGA GOP yearns to cut it or end it altogether.

Vote accordingly!

Linda McConnell Baker, SSI Dependent



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