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Letter to the editor: Rouzer keeps on trucking, Brunswick Beacon

Congressman David Rouzer’s recent e-mail update features a lead story entitled, “House Republicans Open Formal Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden.” As America teeters on the brink of another needless government shutdown, MAGA Republican legislators are focused on impeaching Joe Biden, despite a complete lack of incriminating information.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy caved to the Republican Chaos Caucus’ demands that he open this impeachment inquiry, an effort expected to cost millions in taxpayer dollars and yield nothing beyond a distraction from Donald Trump’s indictments on actual crimes.

The next story celebrates “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week”, noting that truckers move over 70% of America’s freight. During Rouzer’s first Congressional campaign, he boasted about driving his pick-up truck to all the counties in North Carolina. Yet Rouzer opposed President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, which significantly increases the National Highway Transportation budget, allowing the agency to make historic investments in vehicle and highway safety. Evidently trucker safety isn’t a priority for Rouzer.

Next up are Rouzer’s links to 23 Republican “accomplishments” from the “Commitment to America” agenda. This includes really pivotal stuff like “Eliminated the Military Vaccine Mandate” and “Created a Select Committee to Stop the Weaponization of Government” and “Reasserted Congressional Oversight to Hold the Biden Administration Accountable.”

With the benefit of aggressive district gerrymandering, Rouzer apparently feels that his seat is safe for the foreseeable future. Consequently, he ignores challenges like providing affordable housing and fair wages for our families, ensuring the availability of immigrant labor for our farms, bolstering our public education systems, or protecting our environment.

It’s time to elect a Congressional Representative who truly cares about the citizens of North Carolina and will fight for them. Mr. Rouzer can return to driving his truck… on highways made safer by President Biden.

Michael P. Rush



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