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Letter to the editor: Rebuilding the American Dream, Brunswick Beacon

America’s middle class is shrinking. It accounted for 61% of households in 1971, but only 50% of households in 2021. Meanwhile, lower-income households rose from 25% to 29%, and upper-income households rose from 14% to 21%.

Middle class once meant that a family could buy a home or move to the suburbs; the kids could attend college; the parents could retire. Hard work mattered.

Today, unfortunately, working one (or more) jobs doesn’t guarantee access to middle-class life for millions of Americans. Threatened with jobs being outsourced (or lost to robots), American workers toil long hours for low pay and inadequate benefits to support their families.

In the past, labor unions offered some protections, but in 2022, only ten percent of American workers belonged to a union. Worse yet, 27 states have enacted "Right to Work" laws offering businesses an environment where labor organizing is all but impossible.

President Biden has prioritized rebuilding America’s middle class. Beyond creating over 13.4 million new jobs in his first term, he ensured that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act provided good-paying jobs that didn’t require a college degree. He’s committed to rebuilding our infrastructure, restoring manufacturing excellence, and rewarding innovation.

MAGA Republicans remain opposed to these investments in well-being. But they appear at every ribbon cutting of a new project, basking in the credit they don’t deserve.

The Inflation Reduction Act extends Biden’s promise with more jobs and tax credits for clean energy, reduced drug prices for those on Medicare, and measures to make the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. As President Biden said recently: “We are the United States of America. There is nothing beyond our capacity if we work together.”

Thank you, President Biden, for rebuilding the American dream. We’re ready to get to work.

Arthur Hill



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