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Letter to the editor: Obama's third term, Brunswick Beacon

Forbes magazine lists seven times Trump confused “Obama” with “Biden.” Trump insists he isn’t confused, but claims he does it “sarcastically” to highlight Obama’s “big influence running our country.” What if Obama bypassed the middleman?

“Wait!” I heard someone say, “Isn’t Obama disqualified by the 22nd Amendment, which says, ‘No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice?’” That once seemed clear. Now, thanks to Trump, it doesn’t.

Colorado and Maine barred Trump from their ballots because the 14th Amendment prohibits insurrectionists from holding “any office…under the United States.” Trump says the Supreme Court should ignore that prohibition. Applying Trump’s arguments to Obama’s situation could open the door to a third Obama term.

No matter what you thought you knew, Trump claims “the presidency is not an ‘office under the United States.’” If he’s right, both Amendments refer to a thing that doesn’t exist. Obama wouldn’t be disqualified because he was never elected to the non-existent “office of the President!”

Trump claims the 14th Amendment cannot be enforced by courts or state officials, but only by Congress, because it specifies that: “Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.” The 22nd Amendment has no such provision—it makes no mention of enforcement at all! If Trump is right, and enforcement authority is limited to what Amendments specify, there’s no authority to enforce it and prevent Americans from electing Obama again. 

“Let Americans decide” is Trump’s last argument. Trump says he is “the likely Republican presidential nominee,” and kicking him off the ballot would “disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans.” Obama could make a similar claim. Obama beat McCain and Romney easily. YouGov puts Obama’s popularity at 63%, versus Trump’s 41%. If Biden stepped aside, Obama could easily win the Democratic nomination.

Be careful what you wish for, Donald. Your attempt to win a second term could bring about Obama’s third!

Arthur Hill



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