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Letter to the editor: NO LABELS is NOT a political party, Brunswick Beacon

The action taken by the NC State Board of Elections (NCSBOE) last month proclaiming NO LABELS as a political party is purposely confusing to NC voters. By its own admission, NO LABELS is NOT a political party, but rather a movement toward civility and cooperation among voting citizenry. Its website claims: “We care about this country more than the demands of any political party.”

In contrast to its own philosophy, however, NO LABELS has admitted to creating what it terms an “insurance policy” with an eye toward the 2024 presidential election. That is to say, that if either major party selects a presidential nominee whom NO LABELS (a group which operates in secret and is heavily funded by Republican dark money) considers unacceptable to its hidden, but very real right-wing ideology, it will put forth its own unity ticket presidential candidate in 2024.

The flaw in the NO LABELS unity ticket insurance plan is its unfairness. Unlike either major political party, NO LABELS exempts itself from having to present a political platform or ideology which can be presented and debated in open forums. Such forums play a critical role in providing clarity of political party positions to voters and encourage public discourse, not to mention presenting an actual candidate.

In ignoring the above and declaring NO LABELS a political party in NC, the NCSBOE has intentionally diluted diversity of political ideas and stifled healthy political debate, leaving voters confused because NO LABELS has neither a political platform nor an ideology, let alone a viable candidate. We should urge NCSBOE to rescind its recognition of NO LABELS as a political party in our state.

L.A. Carter

Ocean Isle Beach


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