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Letter to the editor: No Labels: Donor list disputes centrist claim, Brunswick Beacon

The NC State Board of Elections recently recognized No Labels as a political party whose candidates may appear on the 2024 election ballot. No Labels is a self-proclaimed centrist party. It promises nonpartisanship and compromise. However, a fundamental aspect of assessing any political organization’s true intent lies in scrutinizing its funding sources.

A closer look at No Labels’ donors raises questions about its actual commitment to nonpartisanship. While No Labels maintains that its financial backing comes from a diverse range of individuals and groups, a deeper analysis reveals close ties to powerful corporate interests and wealthy donors known for supporting conservative causes.

For example, Michael Smith, the billionaire founder of Freeport LNG (liquified natural gas) has donated more than $5.5 million to the Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC tied to Mitch McConnell. This year, Tom McInerney, a private equity investor, has contributed nearly $100,000 to the RNC and over $200,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

In 2020, Allan Keen, a real estate developer donated $135,000 to Trump Victory, Trump’s re-election committee. Louis Bacon, the billionaire CEO of hedge fund Moore Capital Management, gave $1 million to the Republican Party.

Club for Growth co-founder Harlan Crow is considered a “whale” donor to No Labels. The Texas billionaire and collector of Nazi and communist memorabilia notoriously lavished luxury vacations and more upon Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his family. By 2021, Crow had also guided two dozen additional donors to No Labels.

Financial support from wealthy donors with distinct political leanings casts considerable doubt on No Labels’ ability to prioritize the interests of the American people above those of its contributors.

While No Labels presents itself as a champion of centrist values and nonpartisanship, its donor connections prove otherwise.

Kristine Garrity



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