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Letter to the editor: Excellent work, State Port Pilot

Interesting, I’ve seen nothing in local media about our Brunswick County Board of Elections and the award that they recently won (along with four other N.C. county boards), out of a total32 nationwide. Yep, only 32 elections boards across the entire country were recognized for Excellence in ElectionAdministration. Our board was cited for its Election Education Series. The board, the staff and the hundreds of citizens that work the polls all deserve your support, your smile, your agreeability when you go to vote. If there is a problem, it will be repaired by someone while you wait. 

Of course, those who have the ear of our county commissioners may want to drop them a line and ask why they can’t support the request that was made a few months ago to add some staff to the election office. They did agree to some of the request but not all of it. Our voter numbers in Brunswick County have increased exponentially in the last decade and will continue to grow. No need to spend money when folks can just stand in longer lines to vote. This would be a good time to increase the resources available for people to vote, not after the election is. 

Anyhow, thank them all for the excellent work that they do and the USElection Assistance Commission for the Clearinghouse Award given to Brunswick County Board of Elections. And please smile when you go and vote, you are being assisted, helped, and pleasantly engaged by the best of the best.

Tom Sapp

Oak Island


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