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Letter to the editor: Biden's success in world diplomacy unparalleled, Brunswick Beacon

President Joe Biden with President Sauli Niinistö of Finland and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

I am writing to commend President Biden’s success in solidifying the relationships between democratic nations and in strengthening NATO. Under his leadership, the United States has reconfirmed its commitment to our allies and ensured continued protection and promotion of democratic values around the world. Finland’s membership in NATO more than doubles the previous NATO boundary with Russia.

President Biden’s strategic diplomacy has been instrumental in bringing together more countries to NATO and fostering unity and collaboration among democratic nations. Even Turkey has withdrawn its opposition to Sweden as a NATO member.

The President’s efforts to strengthen NATO reinforce its collective defense capabilities and serve as a powerful deterrent to potential adversaries. Putin’s goal in waging war against Ukraine has backfired, as NATO has grown stronger, not weaker. President Biden has amplified the voice of democratic nations, defending the tenets of democracy, human rights and international cooperation.

By ending the Trump Administration era of estrangement and divisive rhetoric, President Biden has restored trust, rebuilt world alliances, and regained credibility on the global stage. The Biden Administration’s commitment to multilateralism and cooperation has deepened international commitment to global security.

By engaging in open and transparent discussions, President Biden has helped nations embrace common ground and work collaboratively to address pressing global challenges. His enviable leadership style promotes unity, stability and constructive engagement, which are essential for maintaining a secure and prosperous world.

President Biden has strengthened our alliances, amplified our collective voice and demonstrated a steadfast dedication to upholding democracy and human rights worldwide. As American citizens, we should support these diplomatic achievements, as they ultimately play a crucial role in safeguarding our shared democratic future. We must re-elect President Biden in 2024 to further strengthen democracy here and abroad.

L. A. Carter

Ocean Isle Beach


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