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Letter to the editor: Biden defends Israel, Trump attacks American Jews

Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel was defeated by an unprecedented international coalition, spearheaded by President Biden. Time magazine’s article, “The U.S. defended Israel. Now Israel must listen to the U.S.,” credits Biden’s experience and skill. “Israelis have strong reasons to be grateful,” reports Time, “and it is the Biden Administration that organized this anti-Iran coalition.” Time concludes, “The President saved the world from coping with an awful war in the Middle East.”

The Biden administration worked to create an informal military partnership to counter Iranian threats. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates supplied intelligence about Iran’s plans that helped thwart the massive assault, the Wall Street Journal reported. An American radar facility in Israel and American satellites monitored Iranian launches, then directed the allied response so friendly planes wouldn’t shoot each other down. Over 99% of 320 missiles and drones launched were intercepted, most over Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Jordan. The U.S. was credited with most of the kills. 

Meanwhile, out-on-bail criminal defendant Donald Trump saw fit to attack American Jews with his oft-repeated version of the historic antisemitic slur that Jews have dual loyalties and are more devoted to Israel than to their own countries.

In August 2019, then-president Trump said, “Jewish people that vote for a Democrat” showed “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the anti-Defamation League, objected, saying, “charges of disloyalty have long been used to attack Jews.” 

This March, Trump said, “Any Jewish person that votes for Democrats hates their religion. They hate everything about Israel.”

On April 8, Trump escalated to thinly-veiled threats: “Any Jewish person that votes for Biden does not love Israel and, frankly, should be spoken to.” 

Biden is an experienced world leader who expanded NATO to 32 members and built an international coalition, including Arab states, to protect Israel. Trump is a divisive narcissist who peddles hate and fear.

Ron Veronese

Holden Beach


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