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Letter to the editor: Back from recess, still childish, Brunswick Beacon

Congress is back in session after their August recess, ready to tackle two pressing issues: impeaching President Biden and shutting down the government. We’re once again facing a looming government shutdown as House Republicans confirm that they cannot and will not do the tough work of bipartisan legislating.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy, having sold his soul to Trump and the “Freedom” Caucus, has capitulated to the MAGA jackals demanding that he launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Even though there’s absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing on Biden’s part that would warrant an impeachment inquiry, McCarthy plans to spend millions of your tax dollars trying to drown out coverage of Donald Trump’s tsunami of indictments.

McCarthy’s cowardly “solution” to the government shutdown impasse involves stopgap funding, kicking the can down the road and hoping that some adults will show up do what has proven too tough for these legislative lightweights. It must pain Mr. McCarthy to have to depend on Democrats to help resolve this mess, as he’ clearly ineffective at herding the cats on his side of the aisle as they threaten to end his reign as Speaker.

America, meanwhile, finds itself in a situation of taxation without representation as the folks elected to do the country’s business squabble like bratty kids. Climate change is burning us to a crisp as the MAGA Republicans fiddle. Millions of Americans relying on government programs worry about their health and finances. Our allies – Ukraine in particular – wonder whether we’ll continue to honor our commitments and uphold our place as a world leader.

Senators and Congressional Representatives have a sworn duty to the voters who elected them. If that duty is too daunting, we need to replace them at the earliest opportunity.

Lon Anderson



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