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Let's Elect Leaders with Integrity

The reality is that power and re-election are overriding the integrity of our representatives. Those goals are more important to them than representing everyone in their district equally. The majority of adults, including gun owners, support common-sense gun laws such as background checks, bans on assault weapons, and high-capacity magazines.

However, politicians and Fox News promote the idea that gun violence is a sign of America’s godlessness and corruption, and gun ownership is the way to protect themselves from this threat. They emphasize things like crime, danger, and uncertainty to gain an audience, but the fear they promote is based on lies. They attack anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs, viewing them as existential threats to their worldview. They promote fear under the guise of safety to support their lack of action on common-sense gun laws.

Gun ownership is treated as a sacred privilege enshrined in the Constitution, a privilege not to be infringed upon no matter how much blood is spilled in classrooms, school hallways and public areas around the country. They claim to be disturbed, and troubled, but have shown repeatedly that protecting “gun rights” matters more to them than protecting the right to life. Politicians are listening to contributors, not to their voters. They block gun control legislation because they've effectively been bribed.

Thom Tillis, career N.R.A. funding: $5.6 million.

Richard M. Burr, career N.R.A. funding: $7 million.

David Rouzer says school security is the answer and the common-sense gun laws are unconstitutional and impose too many restrictions on gun ownership even though adult Americans would continue to have easy access to weapons purchases if they became law.

I believe responsibility and rights go together like common sense and gun ownership.

Politicians, who don’t invoke the will of the people, fail in their duty to be responsible and accountable. Change can be scary but it’s how we become better.

Dan Leonard

Oak Island


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