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Just please vote, Brunswick Beacon

As if you couldn’t tell from the sudden proliferation of political signs, it’s election season. Election day is Tuesday, November 7th, and early voting is already underway. Information for Brunswick County voters can be found at where you can confirm your voter registration, view and print sample ballots, find early voting locations and times, and review voting requirements.

Many folks tend to view these “off-year” elections as a waste of their time, since they’d only be voting for local officials. However, those local officials control many of the processes that directly affect your life on a daily basis, for better or worse.

Do you worry about the quality of your family’s drinking water? Commissioners are on the ballot for the Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer H2GO and Southeast Brunswick Sanitary District. If you’re concerned about local hospital capacity, note that Dosher Hospital has two Trustee vacancies on the ballot.

Is rampant development impacting your quality of life? Mayors, city councilors, commissioners, and aldermen are on the ballot across the county. Those local officials control matters such as zoning, land use, development requirements, and mitigation measures needed to make new developments compatible with existing homes and businesses.

As Brunswick County’s growing pains continue, our municipal officials will have their hands full dealing with the need for more schools, improved roads, and expanded water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure. They’ll also have to figure out how to get developers and corporations to pay their fair share rather than passing the cost onto our hardworking taxpayers.

Sitting out the election means that other will make the choices that impact your life. Your health and happiness and finances are on the ballot. Please vote accordingly. There’s never an “off year” for democracy!

Larry Widman



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