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Joe Biden: President for American Workers, Brunswick Beacon

Under President Biden, the United States has added 10 million jobs, the highest number of jobs created during any president’s first 21 months. The unemployment rate is 3.5%, lower than at any time under Trump, and lower than it’s been in over fifty years! More Americans are now employed in the private sector than at any time during the previous administration. Biden has averaged 476,000 jobs/month throughout his presidency, the fastest job growth at any point of any President in all of American history. Under Trump we lost 2.9 million jobs, the worst record since Hoover.

In his first two years as president, Joe Biden signed the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act into law. This bipartisan bill allows workers who experience sexual harassment or sexual assault at work to file a case in court rather than be forced into arbitration.

Biden is pro-union and is endorsed by an overwhelming number of unions. Biden has issued executive orders that promote project labor agreements, increase diversity in the federal workforce, and ensure adequate safety from COVID-19 for the employees of federal contractors. He increased the minimum wage for federal workers to $15 an hour and has encouraged that to become the national standard. Biden is working to give workers 12 weeks of paid medical leave.

Biden has the best economic growth record since Clinton. The economy not only regained all pandemic-related GDP losses, it also surpassed pre-pandemic levels. Supply is improving thanks to legislation like the CHIPS Act, which brings back manufacturing jobs from China and lowers costs.

Republicans Ted Budd and David Rouzer voted against the CHIPS Act, against lowering prescription drug prices, and tried to shut down the federal government in the middle of Hurricane Ian! Frank Iler refused to expand Medicaid.

Support American workers, vote for Cheri Beasley, Charles Graham and Eric Terashima on Nov. 8.

Nancy Briganti

Carolina Shores


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