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In our opinion: Three for three and the election of our lifetime

Attendees at the BCDP County Convention on March 16 were treated to a series of excellent speeches by our county and state candidates. Each stated his or her bona fides with clarity and conviction. Their confidence and devotion to public service were fitting for a slate of Democratic office seekers intent on ending the MAGA Republican blockade that stands in the way of progress in Brunswick County and Raleigh.

Some of their comments bear repeating here, if only because they stand out as beacons of hope and inspiration for all Brunswick County residents. Among them was an excellent suggestion from Marlando Pridgen, our candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

In his address, Marlando called upon Democrats to rally around a new slogan he called “Three for Three.” He challenged each of us to connect with three indifferent Democrats we know and help them understand the importance of this election, register to vote, and turn out on Election Day. He also asked that each of the three Democrats we solicit commit to asking three more of the party faithful to do the same.

It's a worthy ask, this electoral version of a chain letter. But if Brunswick County Democrats can solicit more than 6,000 residents to add their signatures to a petition drive and get Bob Fulton on the ballot in only two months’ time, we should be able to perform this task with little effort.

Another candidate providing greetings to all in attendance was the man at the top of our state ticket. Josh Stein, our candidate for governor, also urged all Democrats to make sure they get to the polls come Election Day. And although we’re certain he would support Marlando’s Three for Three challenge, he had a different reason for getting out the vote.

In his video statement, Josh said MAGA Republican politicians — like his opponent for governor — are destroying our values. “Our home is under assault,” he said. “But politicians like Mark Robinson are taking a sledgehammer to its foundation.”

Stein said the efforts of the Republican supermajority in Raleigh are making it harder for citizens to vote, defunding education and denying women their reproductive rights. “All of it is wrong,” he stated. “All of it must be stopped, and it’s on us to defend our home and fight for our people.”

In addition to defending our home, our votes will have the added value of influencing the election’s outcome at the national level. North Carolina is a key battleground state. The more of us who vote, the greater the tally of statewide support for the Democrats up and down the ticket. We’ll also improve the chances we have to maintain democracy at home, in Raleigh, in Washington, and around the world.

Let’s support our local candidates. Let’s turn out the vote for our entire ticket, and let’s show all Americans and people in nations around the world that Democrats in North Carolina have their backs. 


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