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In our opinion: Rampaging through the truth

Recently, one of our officers received a misdirected fundraising letter from none other than Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, a MAGA Republican if there ever was one. There’s no telling how our officer wound up on the mailing list of the Republican National Committee, but we’re not about to tell the RNC about its mass-mailing miscalculation.

Instead, we may forward an annotated version of Speaker Johnson’s epistle to the Brunswick County Republican Party, just to show them the extent of their party leadership’s misinformation and lies.

Here are but a few of the Speaker’s unfortunate claims, with annotations:

  • “The GOP is set to begin an election-year fight 'against the most reckless, radical, and corrupt Democrats we’ve ever seen.'” This from a party that’s getting ready to nominate a proven rapist, fraudster and indicted felon.

  • “Woke CEOs, and liberal reporters in Washington and New York.” Never mind that outlets like Fox News, One America News Network and Breitbart News have created a massive, unapologetic MAGA propaganda machine.

  • “Worsen the inflation crisis through trillion-dollar deficit spending binges.” Economist and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich says thanks to the Biden Administration, the U.S. is experiencing a robust economy, with a focus on reviving U.S. manufacturing, monopoly busting and the needs of the middle class.

  • “Democrats ‘won’t lift a finger’ to solve the problems the country faces on its southern border.” Senate Republicans recently rejected a bipartisan immigration proposal that gave them virtually everything they wanted, including a grant of presidential authority to close the border. Why? Because Donald Trump told them to so he can continue to use the “border crisis” as a campaign issue.

Reckless rhetoric like Speaker Johnson’s rampage through the truth — including blatantly racist content — can be found in other fundraising letters approved by MAGA Republicans. Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote in one fundraising letter about “Migrant hordes invading our country with no real desire to assimilate or embrace what it means to be an American.”

But we can agree with one statement in Speaker Johnson’s letter: “Every vote counts.” And now, as we move past the primary and into the general election, it’s time for us to refute the lies and misinformation the MAGA Republicans are spreading across America, by making sure our voices are heard loudly and in great numbers come Election Day in November.


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