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Iler, Years Late, Billions Short on Cape Fear Bridge, Brunswick Beacon

Do you wonder why little progress has been made on replacing the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge? The answer was clear to me when I watched WECT’s video of Frank Iler and Eric Terashima at the Cape Fear Community College Candidate Forum on Oct.19.

WHQR’s Ben Schachtman said they got more questions about the bridge than anything else and asked Iler what “concrete steps” he would take “to build a bridge that doesn’t have a toll.”

Iler’s answer sounded like an admission of failed leadership. He said “We have 10 years’ worth of projects and 3 years’ worth of money. We have about $10-15 billion worth of needs,” adding “whatever the price tag is today, it’ll be a while before the money, and that, that competes, as far as the data, which we now go by, not politics…” At that point, Iler simply trailed off without offering any “concrete steps” whatsoever.

You can watch the troubling exchange by googling “N.C. House and Senate candidates speak at town hall forum.” Iler’s answer starts at 1:12:45.

North Carolina hasn’t invested enough to properly maintain our transportation infrastructure, according to the NC Chamber Foundation. Our bridges are “among the

worst in the country,” says the American Road and Transportation Builders Association.

Iler has chaired the House Transportation Committee since 2011 and its Appropriations on Transportation Committee since 2015. Terashima says Iler’s failed leadership is the problem. Iler’s rambling reply proves Terashima is right.

Watch the video. Judge for yourself which man has the drive, communication skills and leadership ability we need. Iler wants a 7th term for himself but signed a pledge to impose a 3-term limit on Congress in order to “get an infusion of new talent.” He should practice what he preaches. Eric Terashima, a retired Marine Colonel who served 30 years and 8 combat tours, is the new talent we need.

Florence Amoroso

Sunset Beach


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