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Ignoring truth, Brunswick Beacon

Most people reading this know about the Fox News $787 million settlement for lying to their viewers. However, a majority of people know very little about the case. The primary news source for millions of Americans admitted it lied about the outcome of a presidential election. They are now using strategic ignorance, which intentionally avoids information that will derail their business plan. Fox keeps their viewers angry by keeping

them confused and undermining their grasp on reality. Ignorance is not bliss and can be a powerful tool if used correctly.

“The evil that is the world always comes from of ignorance,” Albert Camus.

Fox News has promoted ignorance so inconvenient facts won’t become widely known. This is not the case of one reporter, one editor, or one story going off the rails. This is an indictment of an entire network. No other self-proclaimed news organization has ever been so fully discredited.

In mid-November 2020, following the election, Fox News began to use the slogan, “Standing Up for What’s Right,” to promote its primetime lineup of lies. They have given a platform to people who spout accusations and falsehoods in order to stop the decline in ratings and increase their bottom line.

Fox’s business plan is similar to the New York District Attorney office, who they detest, which is follow the money. Their TV personalities and executives feared the wrath of viewers who have been conditioned by years of Fox’s skewed coverage. Put simply, Fox can’t broadcast the truth, the audience doesn’t want to hear it.

Murdoch’s company has been exposed for what it is: a disinformation-for-profit noise machine, that hopes to overcome this scandal by keeping their audience ignorant of the facts. Getting rid of people like Tucker Carlson is a good start, but they have a long way to go.

Dan Leonard

Oak Island


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