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Honor Ukraine - vote, Brunswick Beacon

As MAGA Republicans, eager to prove their allegiance to Vladimir Putin, withhold vital aid to Ukraine, you can show your support for the Ukrainian people by exercising your right to vote. Vote early, vote absentee, or vote on Election Day but please: just vote. 

Show your neighbors and our allies (and enemies) around the world that you value American democracy. If you’re outraged at Putin’s unjustified imprisonment and murder of Alexei Navalny, vote. Millions of freedom-loving people around the world would give anything for the chance to participate in a free and fair election. Show them that you don’t take this freedom for granted. Vote. 

If you’re angered by MAGA Republican legislators stripping away our rights and making it more difficult to vote through gerrymandering and voter suppression, vote. Give them something to worry about between now and November: an energized and aggrieved electorate that will not back down. Vote. 

If you’re rightly worried about MAGA Republicans’ adoration of Donald Trump and their endorsement of his horrific authoritarian plans to end American democracy, vote. Vote while you still have the option of electing your leaders. 

The courageous citizens of Ukraine are risking absolutely everything — including their lives — to defend their democracy from unprovoked Russian aggression. Don’t let their sacrifices be in vain: vote. Vote for candidates who will honor our international commitments and return America to a leadership position on the world stage. 

Don’t let anyone — especially the MAGA Republican naysayers who tell you that your vote doesn’t matter — keep you from voting. You’ve seen recent elections come down to just a few votes. With so much at risk, please vote in every race, in every election, this year and every year. Democracy is on the ballot, and it’s worth fighting for. 

Eileen Farrell 

Sunset Beach


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