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Gubernatorial candidate Josh Stein visits Brunswick County

photo courtesy of the Stein campaign

BCDP was thrilled to host the 2024 Democratic frontrunner for Governor, Josh Stein, in Bolivia on Thursday morning (Oct. 12). Our headquarters was packed with 150 people eager to give a warm welcome to our NC Attorney General.

Brunswick County's Young Democrats of NC leader, Ryan Buck, introduced Attorney General Stein to the enthusiastic crowd. AG Stein spoke about his positive vision for all North Carolinians and his desire to build safer communities, stronger schools, and healthier families, and to protect our personal freedoms. Visit his website to learn more:

From the Brunswick Beacon article on Stein's visit (October 19, 2023, page A4, by editor Dylan Phillips):

The candidate targeted the Republican-controlled General Assembly, which currently holds a supermajority in the state house of representatives, for what he called partisan gerrymandering and attacks on women’s reproductive rights. “Those folks in Raleigh are gerrymandering districts to cling to power and making it harder for people to vote,” Stein said. “It is un-American and it is wrong… They undermine and underfund public education making it harder for our kids to compete. Instead, they prioritize tax cuts for millionaires, big corporations and their out of state shareholders. It is wrong.” Stein then shared his plans to “deliver on the promise of North Carolina and build that better and brighter future, one that is rooted in our shared values of freedom, justice and opportunity for every person.”


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