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Graham and Terashima Meet & Greet in Sunset Beach Draws a Crowd!

Charles Graham speaking to the crowd (l.), and Eric Terashima speaking to a voter (r.).

A crowd of about 60 Democrats and Unaffiliated constituents attended the Sunset Beach Meet and Greet for Charles Graham, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, and Eric Terashima, candidate for NC House (also called the NC General Assembly).

Thanks to the hard work of precinct leaders in Shingletree 1 and 2, including Eileen Farrell, Linda Rudick, and Neil Gilbert, and led by Singletree 2 Precinct Chair Nancy Briganti, area residents flocked to hear from two of our impressive Democratic candidates. They are running to unseat two radical Republican incumbents: Congressman David Rouzer, who voted to overturn election results for President Biden, thus choosing the Insurrection over Democracy, and General Assemblyman Frank Iler, who has stated he's eager to roll back women's healthcare rights in 2023.

Veronica Carter, a featured speaker, provided remarks about our candidates. She is a Leland Town Councilwoman and former Civil Servant (International and U.S.) and retired Army officer with over 40 years’ experience. Ms. Carter is an Unaffiliated voter but spoke out strongly in favor of Eric Terashima, as well as Charles Graham, due to their impressive credentials and priorities for Brunswick County and our Congressional District.

Charles Graham is the six-term Democratic NC General Assemblyman running to replace David Rouzer and become a true voice for the people of U.S. Congressional District 7. Representative Graham is from Robeson County, now included in District 7 following the redistricting process completed earlier this year. Thus, he is a new face to Brunswick County residents. However, he was the only Democrat elected in Robeson County in 2020 (in fact, he was re-elected for his sixth term), proving he has earned the trust and support of his constituents. Eric Terashima is a retired United State Marine Corps Colonel who has dedicated his life in service to our country, completing eight tours of duty, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, during his 30-year military career. Eric's endorsements, which reflect his wide appeal and priorities, include: Planned Parenthood, the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, the North Carolina Association of Educators, the Sierra Club, and Vote Vets. Eric is determined to fight for the rights and needs of the residents of Brunswick County.

Nancy Briganti, Precinct Chair and Emcee (l); Eric Terashima with Veronica Carter (r.)

Vote Blue in '22. Our Democracy Depends on YOU!

Early Voting begins October 20. Details.


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