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Governor Cooper declares State of Emergency for public education

05.23.23 From the North Carolina Democratic Party:

Governor Cooper declared a State of Emergency for public education in North Carolina, and we need your immediate action. The Republican legislature is determined to suffocate public education. Contact your legislators [listed below] about the assault on education and demand they support public schools.

  • Private School Vouchers: The legislature wants to pour your taxpayer dollars into unaccountable private schools, which can selectively admit students, draining millions from public education.

  • Tax Breaks for Millionaires: While private school vouchers flourish, the Republican legislature plans massive tax breaks for millionaires, crippling our state's education budget by almost 20%.

  • Teacher Shortage Crisis: Thousands of teacher vacancies leave students without qualified educators. Governor Cooper proposes an 18% pay raise, but the Republican legislature offers a mere $250 over two years. We must value our teachers and invest in their success.

  • Early Childhood Education Neglected: The legislature turns its back on early childhood education, hindering our children's future and damaging North Carolina's economy.

Join Governor Cooper in taking action today: Connect with your state legislators and demand their support for public education. Together, we can save our schools and secure a brighter future for our children.

Representative Frank Iler (R) District 17 Email:; Phone: (919) 301-1450

Representative Charles Miller (R), District 19 Email:; Phone: (919) 733-5830

Senator Bill Rabon (R), District 8 (Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover) Email:; Phone: (919) 733-5963

*Please read BCDP's "Where We Stand" paper: Public Education Under Assault.*


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