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Fundraiser for Eric Terashima, Wednesday, Oct. 12, Leland

Full details:

Are you fed up with Frank Iler, Brunswick County's woefully out-of-touch District 17 General Assemblyman? This man is eager to strip women of their reproductive rights, sponsoring a bill to ban abortions after 6 weeks; he cozies up to North Carolina's notoriously bigoted hate-monger, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson; and in spite of being the NC General Assembly's Transportation Chair, he has failed to give the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge replacement the attention it desperately needs.

Eric Terashima is a retired United State Marine Corps Colonel who has dedicated his life in service to our country, completing eight tours of duty, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, during his 30-year military career. Eric's endorsements, which reflect his wide appeal and priorities, include: Planned Parenthood, the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, the North Carolina Association of Educators, the Sierra Club, and Vote Vets. Eric is determined to fight for the rights and needs of the residents of Brunswick County. Brunswick County needs your help to get Eric elected in District 17! It's time for a new, true leader who will listen to and work for his constituents. Please join us on Wednesday for this important event.


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