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Did Thom Tillis ‘save’ Medicaid?

According to the North Carolina Democratic Party, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) may have reached a new low. Recalling how, as speaker of the NC House, he blocked Medicaid expansion as Speaker of the NC House, his campaign is now insisting he “saved Medicaid” by not expanding it.

Really? Talk about fake news.

Even a casual follower of state politics understands Tillis was caving to his corporate backers when he voted to block Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. In fact, his opposition has cost the state billions of dollars in new federal funds.

An NDCP spokesperson got it right when he said, “Seven years since he blocked expanding health care access for the most vulnerable among us, Senator Tillis is still fumbling with a way to explain it to North Carolina voters.”

Now is the time to get rid of fabricators of the truth like Thom Tillis and elect Cal Cunningham to the U.S. Senate. No less important a goal is to overwhelmingly elect enough Democrats to the state legislature who will vote to expand Medicaid to North Carolina’s neediest citizens.

It’s up to Brunswick County Democrats. Show up and vote on Election Day.


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