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Cheri Beasley Blasts Ted Budd on Insulin Costs

In her latest ad, Cheri Beasley, our Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, addresses the fact that her opponent, Republican Congressman Ted Budd, voted against the Affordable Insulin Now Act. The act would cap out-of-pocket insulin costs at $35 monthly for the millions of Americans suffering from diabetes, including 1.3 million in North Carolina alone. It passed the House, despite the head-scratching opposition of 193 Republicans, including Budd and Brunswick County's U.S. Congressman, David Rouzer. The American Diabetes Association applauded the bill's passage.

A recent Axios article noted that "North Carolina's race to replace retiring Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is among the most competitive in the country. The winner will play a role in determining which party controls the chamber and whether or not President Joe Biden can achieve his priorities in the final year of his first term." (Lucille Sherman, 7.15.22)

Keep turning up the heat, Justice Beasley! We know that as our next U.S. Senator, you will represent the best interests of your constituents.

Vote Blue in 2022!


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