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Campaigning During the Pandemic

With the Democratic Presidential Candidate race decided, we can turn our attention to State and local candidates. Our candidates are hobbled due to the Pandemic, but, we can’t use this as an excuse not to campaign, we can’t use this as an excuse not to engage in discussion of major ideas that affect our state and county.

People are hanging around closer to home which presents more of an opportunity to catch them by phone. Voter contact by phone has always been a tool for promoting candidates. Contact with voters might offer a distraction from worries about the Pandemic.

Each of us can help spread the word about Democrats running for office by sharing Information about the candidates and their platforms via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We can post links to their Web Sites and Facebook Pages. Letters to the Editor in local newspapers is also a way to promote our local candidates

While you’re busy campaigning online, election officials must prepare for Americans to safely vote. With uncertainty about how the novel coronavirus will progress, vote by mail may be one of the best voting options for the public’s health. You can be another voice in promoting voting by mail as a safe option.

This is not the way we thought we would campaign for our candidates in 2020. It’s just going to have to be a little bit different for a while.

--Rob Priddy


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