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Budd, Rouzer Vote to Shut Down Government During Hurricane, Brunswick Beacon

Brunswick Beacon, 10.06.22

Where were you at 1PM on Sept. 30? I was home, in a hall closet, with my grandchildren and the family dogs, riding out a tornado warning. Hurricane Ian was about to make landfall and the TV weathermen were breathlessly tracking the possible tornado’s path right through Brunswick County.

Meanwhile, in the comfy, cozy confines of the U.S. House of Representatives our congressmen, David Rouzer and Ted Budd (the Man Who Would be Senator) were trying to shut down the federal government.

Budd and Rouzer picked the middle of one of the most powerful storms to hit the United States to show us how little they care about helping us.

We had already seen the terrible destruction Ian wreaked on Florida as a result of what Gov. DeSantis called a “biblical storm surge.”

“We all need to work together, regardless of party lines,” DeSantis said, adding he was “thankful” for the Biden administration’s assistance. “The administration wants to help,” he said.

Budd and Rouzer don’t believe in working together, and don’t want to help. They only care about partisan politics. Before they voted against H.R.6833, we already knew that 1.6 million Floridians were without power. Another 300,000 customers in the Carolinas were losing power as Budd and Rouzer were voting to pull the plug on the federal government’s ability to help. Fortunately, H.R.6833 passed despite their attempted sabotage. President Biden signed it immediately.

H.R.6833 keeps the government running and provides $2.5 billion for communities devastated by natural disasters, $1 billion for low-income home heating, and $20 million for the water emergency in Jackson, Miss.

It also provides $12 billion for Ukraine. On the same day Putin illegally annexed four Ukrainian provinces, Budd and Rouzer voted to help him by cutting off Ukrainian aid!

Whose side are they on? Not ours! Vote for Cheri Beasley and Charles Graham on Nov. 8.

Kristine Garrity



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