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Brunswick County Democrats offer choices for 2024 campaign

The Brunswick County Democratic Party (BCDP) is offering voters a group of diverse, community-oriented candidates intent on winning the 2024 election campaign.

“We are proud of this outstanding group of candidates who are running to bring accountability, trust, and the needs of our citizens to the forefront of our local and state governments,” said Shelley Allen, chair of the BCDP. “We plan to work hard to make sure their campaigns reach every precinct and every neighborhood in the county.”

Allen noted the uptick in political involvement by Democrats reflects the BCDP’s goals to expand the party’s base and unite behind a solid group of candidates. The effort in Brunswick County also reflects the statewide goal of Democrats to grow the number of candidates running for public office.

“The fact that more Democrats will be running in the 2024 campaign is great news for members of the party, as well as unaffiliated voters who lean Democratic,” Allen said. “But most important, it’s great news for democracy, because voters will turn out in greater numbers to reject MAGA extremists whose goal is to reduce or eliminate the voting and personal rights of all North Carolinians.”

Read about our field of outstanding candidates HERE.



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