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BCDP sends congratulations to the North Carolina Democratic Party's new leadership team

February 15, 2023

Anderson –

On behalf of Brunswick County’s 26,182 registered Democrats, we want to congratulate you and your team on your success in winning leadership of the North Carolina Democratic Party. We are looking forward to working with you and the NCDP to fashion our party as an exciting and dominant proponent for democracy and freedom across the state — and in Brunswick County.

For the past two years, the Brunswick County Democratic Party has worked hard to more broadly participate in the lives and culture of our residents. From fundraisers and recruiting to appearances at festivals, candidate rallies, parades, and protest marches, our volunteers are standing tall for Democratic ideals. We’re working hard to connect the blue dots in our red sea, and we’re on a mission to build an active, united party across Brunswick County and the Cape Fear region.

As you know, we operate in one of the nation’s fastest-growing counties, which is a blessing and a challenge. Not everyone moving here is a dependable Democrat. In addition, we have to bridge the gap between our rural communities and growing urban areas. To this extent, it’s safe to say Brunswick County is a microcosm of our state.

The NCDP can help us maintain the momentum we have generated. That’s why we’re encouraged by your vision to invest in the growth of our party and recruit strong Democratic candidates to fill ballots across the state. We’re also excited about your pledge to extend NCDP resources to all 100 North Carolina counties. Like you, we’re committed to building a brighter future “from the ground up.”

We would like to tell you more about our plans for electoral success this year and in 2024. Until then, congratulations once again on your election.

All the best,

The Brunswick County Democratic Party

Eric Terashima, Chair Shelley Allen, First Vice Chair Kristine Garrity, Second Vice Chair Mike Rush, Third Vice Chair Victor Gallo, Treasurer Denise Mirandola, Secretary Arthur Hill, Chair, BCDP Communications Committee


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