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BCDP Press release: NC General Assembly approves bill suspending Leland's annexation authority


July 14, 2023

A Bill Suspending Leland’s Annexation Authority

Was Just Approved by the State Legislature

On July 12, House Bill 267 was approved by the North Carolina General Assembly, stripping the Town of Leland of any authority to annex land that borders the town.


SECTION4.(a) The authority of the Town of Leland to annex territory under Article 4A of Chapter 160A of the General Statutes is hereby suspended.

“This is an appalling act against Leland perpetrated by a Republican Senator, Bill Rabon, who represents Brunswick County (and Columbus and New Hanover) in Raleigh,” said Brunswick County Democratic Party Chair Shelley Allen. Annexation is the power to make contiguous property or land in close proximity part of the town for the provision of services and taxation. All Leland annexations have been voluntary and initiated by the property owner.

“This is an amazing act of hypocrisy,” Allen continued. “It was taken by one of the leaders of the Republican Party, a party that campaigns on limited government, local control and protecting personal property rights. This bill flies in the face of each of those principles. It adds to state power, while curbing local government control, and it damages the property rights of landowners who may well want their land to be part of the town.”

According to Leland Town Councilman Bill McHugh, the bill was put forward without discussion with the town’s leadership and without explanation. “This region is among the fastest growing in the country, but make no mistake, this bill will not limit growth. It will only limit the right of property owners to enjoy the services provided by the town while contributing to the upkeep of the town, its services, and its infrastructure.



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