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BCDP Press release: Bill McHugh selected to serve on the NCLM Legislative Policy Committee


July 13, 2023

Leland Town Councilman Bill McHugh Selected

Member of the Legislative Policy Committee

Of NC League of Municipalities

Leland Town Councilman Bill McHugh has been selected to serve on the prestigious Legislative Policy Committee of the North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM). The League is a member-driven organization that represents the interests of cities and towns in the state.

The Legislative Policy Committee leads the process to set the NCLM’s legislative priorities and agenda for NC’s municipalities, according a release from NCLM.

“Leland, which is one of the fastest growing towns in the state, has not had any representation on this important committee in recent memory,” noted Brunswick County Democratic Party Chair, Shelley Allen. “It’s past time, and they could not have chosen a better person than Bill.”

McHugh, a Democrat, has served for nearly two years on the Leland Town Council, and has developed an excellent understanding of the needs and interests of Leland and the towns all across the state,” Allen continued. “In addition, Brunswick County's Mayor of Shallotte, Walt Eccard (Democrat) serves as Vice Chair of the Legislative Policy Committee.”

“It’s critically important that state legislators get good information and input from those currently serving in our State’s municipalities,” McHugh explained. “And that’s what the Legislative Policy Committee provides.”

The process to set the League’s Municipal Legislative goals is a member-driven effort which establishes the key legislative priorities for the state’s cities and towns and guides the advocacy work of the League, according to a statement from the NCLM.

“Service on the committee is critical to both the success of NCLM and the communities of our state,” said NCLM President William Harris, who made the committee appointments. “We are incredibly grateful for the participation of these local leaders.”

“I’m very pleased to have been selected to serve on this important Committee,” McHugh said. “As a member, I promise to work diligently to ensure that the needs and interests of Leland and other municipalities are in sharp focus as we develop the League’s legislative priorities.”



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