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BCDP Makes News, Protecting Your Voting Rights

The Brunswick County Democratic Party has exposed the North Brunswick Republican Club for soliciting vigilante voting canvassers on behalf of Mike Lindell's "NC America's Audit Force." Yes, the MyPillow lunatic, who is still intent upon overturning the 2020 presidential election. The Republican Club's chairwoman denied involvement in rogue canvassing efforts, but that is false, and we have the proof.

Results: The state GOP demanded that the North Brunswick Republican Club remove the GOP logo from its website, and the website itself is now down. Our efforts resulted in stories in The Daily Kos (DoortoDoorHarassmentEfforts), on WECT News (ImproperCanvassing), and on the front page of the March 3rd issue of the BrunswickBeacon. BCDP is working hard to protect voting rights in Brunswick County, and you are getting the benefits!


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