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BCDP 2022 "Get Out the Vote" postcard project yields positive results!

A big THANK YOU to the Brunswick County Democratic Women and the many other volunteers who wrote and sent postcards to infrequent Democratic and Dem-leaning Unaffiliated voters! And, many thanks to our 2nd Vice Chair, Kristine Garrity, for leading the project!


5,668 postcards were received (101 were returned, which is less than 2% - well done!)

1,575 (28%) of those recipients voted! (30% of the Dems, and 22% of the UNAs)

2,555 of the total postcards received went to registered Democratic women.

891 (35%) of those women recipients voted!

While we can’t know for certain that the postcards caused our recipients to vote, we can conclude that they may have helped get 28% of those voters to the polls, given they didn’t vote in 2018! Nationwide postcard projects like Progressive Turnout see as little as a 1% increase in voter turnout. Micro-targeted local projects in NC counties (e.g., Orange and Durham), which focus on women in specific age groups and send handwritten letters, have seen a 40-50% turnout increase. So, we have room for improvement — and we’ll be looking at messaging given feedback received — but we’re encouraged by the outcomes. Congratulations to all involved!


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