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Your Vote Matters! Are You Ready to Vote?

Elections have consequences, and in this 2022 midterm, make no mistake, Democracy -- with a capital D -- is on the ballot. Women's reproductive rights are on the ballot. Your Social Security and Medicare benefits are on the ballot. The environment is on the ballot. Voting rights, your right to privacy, healthcare, infrastructure needs, good jobs, and more are on the ballot.

MAGA Republicans have chosen fascism over democracy -- power and greed over the needs of their constituents -- and they plan to impose their extremist views on us all if we fail to raise our voices at the ballot box this November.

Early Voting Times and Locations

Our Candidates, including the Judges

Candidate/Voter Information Flyer for Brunswick County

Sample Ballots for District 17 and District 19

Voting Information

Board of Elections New Voting Website for Brunswick County

Absentee Ballot Request - deadline to request one is Tuesday, November 1.


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