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Planning to Vote by Absentee Ballot? Read This First!

If you have not yet submitted your Absentee Ballot and still intend to do so, this applies to you... be careful. Here are some important tips to make sure your ballot gets counted.

1. Make certain you do not try to correct a mistake you make when completing your ballot. For example, you vote for a candidate in error and you use whiteout (or other corrective action) to correct and then submit.

Problem: The scanner cannot read whiteout or extraneous markings and your ballot will not be originally counted. This can be "cured".

Solution: Call the Board of Elections at (910) 253-2620 for corrective action.

2. Individuals in the same household complete their ballots but inadvertently switch mailing envelopes when returning it to the Board of Elections.

Problem: When the ballot and envelope are visually inspected by the BOE and Party County Board members, the CIV #s on both the envelope and ballot must match. If they do not match this results in "spoiled" ballots.

Solution: Check your ballot status at:

3. Use care when your witness completes their information on the mailing envelope.

Problem: The complete information for the witness is not provided. For example, the witness entered their city but not the state and zip code. Any missing information cannot be processed until corrected.

Solution: Check to be sure all witness information is complete and correct before mailing. This can be "cured". Check your ballot status using Ballottrax (see above).

Any questions may be answered by calling the Brunswick County Board of Elections (910) 253-2620 or visiting:


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