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A message from the chair: We are the cavalry

Most of us were dismayed, to say the least, by last Thursday night’s debate between President Biden and the convicted felon. Our hearts sank and some were quick to ask, “Who can we get to replace Joe?”

Now that we’ve had a bit of time to absorb the jolt to our confidence — and hear our president speak with clarity and vigor the next day in Raleigh — it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. That debate didn’t change the choice we’re facing, and calling for a different horse to run the race at this point could end in disaster for us.

Joe Biden is our nominee, and as Gavin Newsom asserted, who would abandon him after one bad debate performance? A debate where Biden was on the receiving end of Gish Galloping (read Heather Cox Richardson’s description HERE) by a pathological liar and by a format and moderators that enabled it.

To add insult to injury, the convicted felon and gaslighter got a free pass Thursday night — from the moderators and from the press. All the focus was on Biden’s fumbles versus the other guy’s steady stream of unhinged falsehoods. Why were there not immediate calls for HIM to step down given his crimes and blatant lies? As Dan Rather stated,“Trump should never have been allowed to share that stage last night. The man who tried to overthrow the last presidential election should have no role in this one.”

We must eradicate Trumpism if our Democracy is to survive, and we must not let the media or equivocators in our own party dissuade us from our goal because Biden had a bad night.

President Biden is the vessel for our party’s hopes, dreams, values, and policies. We are not just voting for the man — we are voting for his high-performing administration and all we hold dear. And yes, we are voting against fascism and the loss of our freedoms. Read a summary of Project 2025, and you’ll learn of the gobsmacking, anti-democratic plans the MAGA Republican party and the Heritage Foundation have in store for our country if their toxic vessel gets elected. 

I attended the Biden rally in Raleigh the day after the debate and saw the Joe we know and have faith in — our “State of the Union Joe.” His voice was back, and he was fiery, resolute, and truthful. As he vehemently declared,“I know like millions of Americans know, when you get knocked down, you get back up!” The energy and love in the arena for him was palpable and inspiring.

Joe Biden is our Democratic Party standard-bearer, and he and his administration are  steadfastly standing between us and the evil that is the MAGA Republican party. It’s up to us to circle the wagons and stand with him. We’re the cavalry, and we’ve got this. Let’s go, Team Democracy, and finish the job!


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