The most important thing you can do to ensure that our Democratic values are fully represented in Brunswick County is to VOTE. Here are some other reasons we should ALL vote:

  • Because we can! Voting is a privilege we are fortunate to have in the U.S.

  • Voting is our voice. If we don’t vote, we are letting someone else speak for us.

  • To set a good example for younger generations.

  • It’s not a democracy if we don’t all participate.

  • We get to play a role in choosing our leaders and changing our laws by voting.

  • Be an active participant in what goes on in our town, our county, and our country.

  • Voting puts us all on the same level. Rich, poor, or in the middle, we ALL get ONE vote.

  • We can’t legitimately complain about our leaders if we don’t vote.

  • People have fought hard on behalf of marginalized groups for the right to vote. We shouldn’t let their hard work be in vain.

  • Many elections have literally been won by a single vote. So yes, EVERY vote matters.

  • Whether local or national elections, the results effect us and our families. Vote so we can protect our own interests.

  • Getting interested in different candidates, educating ourselves on their issues, gives us a sense of accomplishment, knowing we helped get someone elected that we can be proud of.

  • If we go to the polls, it can actually motivate others around us to vote as well.

  • Elected politicians do pay close attention to who votes and who doesn’t, and they make decisions and policies accordingly.

  • A low voting turnout eventually results in an elected official who is not truly representative of ALL of us.

  • Young voices need to be heard. Don't let older generations elect officials that don’t support what’s important to us.

  • We get a cool sticker to wear that says “I Voted”!

Have you checked your Voter File recently?

Not sure if you are registered to vote in Brunswick County? To vote, you must be registered in this county. Find your official voter file to verify your registration status, precinct information, and sample ballots.