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What are they afraid of? Brunswick Beacon

Despite NO North Carolina results being disputed in the 2020 Presidential elections, MAGA Republicans have introduced three bills in the State House to “fix” problems that simply don’t exist. These bills threaten to undermine the inclusivity, accessibility, and integrity of our electoral system.

S.B. 747 is a smorgasbord of voter suppression measures. Among them: sharply reducing access to mail-in ballot voting, gutting popular same-day registration, exposing voters and election volunteers to harassment and criminal charges, and attempting to impose discriminatory, unreliable, and costly signature matching for mail-in ballots. These measures will create new barriers for voters.

S.B. 749 is a pure Legislature power grab, creating an 8-member State Board of Elections. It was rejected in 2018 by 61% of the voters and is opposed by the last five governors, from both parties. It will create gridlock and give the Legislature more power in adjudicating inevitable impasses. It would threaten Early Voting in ALL 100 counties.

H.B. 772 would allow partisan poll observers to roam freely in voting places, within 5 feet of a voter. It is voter intimidation reminiscent of an era many voters remember all too well. It directly threatens voters’ safety and privacy at polling places.

These bills are solutions in search of a problem. They will make voting more difficult for older voters, college students, disabled voters, rural voters, and reinforce discrimination against communities of color across the state. Why don’t MAGA Republicans want these citizens to vote?

Michael Maisel

Sunset Beach


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