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U.S. Senate Candidate Cheri Beasley Visits Brunswick County

Sunday, August 14th, was a big day for Democrats in southeastern North Carolina. An enthusiastic, standing-room-only crowd of well-wishers welcomed U.S. Senate candidate Cheri Beasley to Brunswick County.

Beasley, who currently leads GOP Congressman Ted Budd in the race to succeed retiring Senator Richard Burr, was clearly impressed with the turnout. She is barnstorming the state, making it a point in her campaign to reach as many North Carolina voters as possible. Attendees from Brunswick, as well as New Hanover, Columbus, Bladen, and Cumberland counties appreciated the effort and turned out in record numbers to show their support.

“This was a great opportunity for Judge Beasley,” noted Shelley Allen, Acting Chair for the Brunswick County Democratic Party. “Not everyone who attended the rally was a Democrat. We talked with several guests who told us they were independent voters who planned to support Cheri’s candidacy.”

Beasley introduced herself to the audience and discussed her stands on issues facing North Carolina voters. She talked about her family — including her grandfather and her parents — and the values of community and service they instilled in her. She said the health issues faced by her twin sons convinced her access to health care for all North Carolinians will be a major priority if she is elected to serve the state in the U.S. Senate. Further, she asserted that as a U.S. Senator, she would fight to codify Roe v. Wade, cementing women’s reproductive healthcare rights.

“Judge Beasley’s career of public service to the entire state of North Carolina and its residents — and not the special interests of a few out-of-state, deep-pocketed organizations — should be more than enough to convince voters in Brunswick County and elsewhere to support her candidacy,” Allen said. “We‘re looking forward to welcoming her again when she returns to our county.”

You can see more photos of Cheri's visit to Brunswick County (Bolivia) on her official website.


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