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To The Polls, Brunswick Beacon

In just a few weeks, voting will start for the midterms of 2022. Voices will express some type of warning about voting and what might happen and who will do this, that and the other.

When you vote in Brunswick County, you will be voting in a well managed system with an excellent Board of Elections and a superb staff that exists only to help you vote, to make sure you vote, and to do everything they can to make your vote count, no matter who you are.

Those folks at the polls who assist you and ask your name and where you live are following the law and rules passed down from the state board. They are not working for anybody but you, the citizens of Brunswick County. While they are volunteers, they do get a nominal salary.

Poll workers all are registered voters of the county in which they work. They do not come from anywhere else and can be any political affiliation, just like you. Many may live on the same street, sit four pews back in your church, dine next to you and yours at a local restaurant. Whatever difficulty, if any, you experience voting, these folks will work to get it fixed and allow you to vote. Poll workers volunteer their time to be trained to work elections and are up before the chickens on election day.

Do them and yourself a favor and check your registration now. This link will allow you to check your registration now:

If you are irritated by something or some step you have to take, do not take it out on your neighbor who is there to help you, the voter. Remember poll workers are not your enemy, nor is anyone working in the polls in Brunswick County. Be a good time to practice the golden rule while you vote to all those around you, but especially our poll workers.

Tom Sapp

Oak Island


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