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The Memory Hole Shoves Back, Brunswick Beacon

In George Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith worked at the ironically named “Ministry of Truth,” rewriting historical documents. He scissored out information that contradicted party propaganda and shoved it down a chute beside his desk that led to an incinerator. The chute was nicknamed “the memory hole.”

Since the insurrection, Congressmen Ted Budd and David Rouzer have tried to shove the inconvenient truth of their complicity down the memory hole. At the Jan. 6 Committee’s latest hearing, the memory hole shoved back.

“Look!” said the memory hole, pointing to Budd and Rouzer’s signatures on a legal brief supporting Texas’ claims of election fraud in four states. A unanimous Supreme Court told Budd, Rouzer and Texas it’s none of their business how other states conduct elections.

“Listen!” it said, reminding us that instead of heeding the Supreme Court, Budd and Rouzer incited insurrectionists by pledging to object to electoral votes from several states.

“Watch!” it said, dimming the lights and pressing play. The shocking violence was shocking still. Police fought for their lives, outnumbered, overrun, tased, gassed, speared and beaten. The mob seized our Capitol, rioting and rampaging through its halls, defiling galleries, defecating on floors, taunting and threatening, “Hang Mike Pence.”

We saw congressional leadership, Republicans and Democrats, evacuated to Fort McNair as the Capitol fell. We watched them collectively urge the National Guard to retake the Capitol so democracy could continue.

“Remember!” it said, as Budd and Rouzer re-emerged unrepentant to repeat their objections and reward insurrectionists by voting to rob millions of their votes.

“Hear!” it said, as Rouzer praised “a lot of people that were peaceful protesters” and Budd said, “It was nothing. It was just patriots standing up.”

Patriots, stand up for democracy on Nov. 8. Remember how Budd and Rouzer incited, rewarded, and excused insurrectionists. Shove their political careers down the memory hole. Vote for Cheri Beasley and Charles Graham.

Laura McGann



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