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The anguish of uncertainly, Brunswick Beacon

Brunswick Beacon, 10.12.23

Unable to govern, much less make America “great,” MAGA Republicans in Congress continue their petulant rampage against democracy. While we’ve averted a government shutdown (for 45 days, at least), they ensured that millions of Americans lived in a state of needless dread as the deadline neared and until a bipartisan deal was reached. This is no way to run a country.

A government shutdown would have meant that thousands of military and civilian government workers could be furloughed, with those deemed “essential” having to work without pay, leaving their families worried about paying their bills.

Military families already feel uncertainty thanks to MAGA Senator Tommy Tuberville’s one-man blockade of hundreds of military promotions. Beyond severely impacting our military readiness and morale, he has left thousands of military families not knowing where they’ll deploy or live, where their kids will go to school, or how their spouses can find new employment.

Ukraine, whose people are fighting fiercely for their democracy while MAGA Republicans work to dismantle ours, watches in dismay as America’s 45-day stopgap government funding measure excludes any funding for them when they need it most. It’s a MAGA Republican gift to Putin and a serious setback for a valued ally who rightly doubts our commitment.

Despite the anguish caused by their recklessness, MAGA Republican legislators can rest easy knowing that their salaries and benefits will continue no matter what befalls the hardworking folks who pay their wages. As long as they keep dancing to Trump’s tune (in their “safe” gerrymandered districts), these folks think they’re untouchable.

They’re not. If we turn out in record numbers and vote, we can replace these charlatans with legislators who will take their jobs seriously and fight for all Americans. Keep that in mind next November.

Michael Maisel

Sunset Beach


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