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Thank you, Senator Tillis.

On February 3, Thom Tillis posted the following on Twitter:

It's beyond reprehensible for any elected official, especially a member of Congress, to parrot violent QAnon rhetoric and promote deranged conspiracies like the Pentagon wasn't really hit by a plane on 9/11. It’s not conservative, it’s insane.

Although we disagree with the Senator on almost every issue, it's important to recognize those rare times when we agree. If Mr. Tillis is willing to condemn Marjorie Taylor Green in such a forceful manner, perhaps he would also be willing to vote to convict Donald Trump this week.

This is what I plan to say to him, and I suggest you do the same:

Dear Senator Tillis:

I am a progressive Democrat who disagrees with you on many issues. However, I was encouraged by your recent tweet condemning your colleagues parroting of QAnon. I believe that it is in America's interest to have a strong, and sane, conservative party and your comments certainly move us in that direction.

Now, I ask that you finish the job. As someone who is obviously intelligent, it should be evident to you that former President Trump will be a danger to the long-term health of the Republican party and to our democracy until such time that the party unequivocally breaks with him and his poisonous politics. I urge you to pay close attention to this week's impeachment trial and consider voting to convict. You've shown us that you have a conscience. Don't stop now!

Jeff Zalles


Here is how to reach Senator Tillis:

Phone: (202) 224-6342 Email


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